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State of the Union: Obama urges cooperation and innovation

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Declaring that the nation faces big decisions like those it confronted at the dawn of the space race, President Barack Obama called for sweeping bipartisan “investments” in science, education and infrastructure in his State of the Union address Tuesday night — all without increasing government spending.

In a 61-minute address from the House chamber, Obama pleaded for a cooling of political tensions to help him reach that goal, saying America faced a crossroads that demanded a cooperative effort “bigger than party and bigger than politics.”

At “our generation’s Sputnik moment … we will move forward together or not at all,” the president said, recalling the massive U.S. mobilization of money and resources to catch the Soviet Union after it launched the world’s first satellite into space in 1957.

At the same time, Obama acknowledged that he must accommodate conservatives’ demands for restrictions on overall government spending and taxes, proposing a freeze on “annual domestic spending for the next five years.”

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January 25, 2011 at 9:14 pm