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Net benefit?

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“The Web helped make activities fun.”

That’s the caption on a photo topping a New York Times essay, the thesis of which appears to be: Gosh! You can use the Web for more than work!

Here’s a screenshot in case the caption is edited later:

Barefoot Sean Penn looks like he’s having a ball, doesn’t he? Which, according to the Times, would have been impossible before the Web was invented 20 years ago, because activities weren’t fun until then.

Written by Alex

August 14, 2011 at 8:14 am

Reporting: News organizations look at WikiLeaks material with different eyes

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WikiLeaks.org tried to coordinate coverage of its highly anticipated release of secret U.S. documents from the war in Iraq by sharing the material with a select group of news organizations weeks in advance, but it couldn’t coordinate what they actually said.

In the end, the shadowy, decentralized organization couldn’t even coordinate the release of its own documents. Al-Jazeera, one of the news organizations that it had given the documents weeks ago, broke WikiLeaks’ embargo by publishing a six-minute video on its website late Friday afternoon. The New York Times, The Guardian of Britain and Le Monde, which also received the material under the embargo, followed swiftly with their extensive prepared reports.

Full story (Alex Johnson/msnbc.com)

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Written by Alex

October 22, 2010 at 3:18 pm

David Carr sure loves to eat

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David Carr with a pork bun (Grubstreet Chicago)

David Carr has a terrific analysis of “The Social Network” in today’s New York Times, landing on a smart point about the complications that arise when a visuals-obsessed director like David Fincher shoots a script by a wordnik like Aaron Sorkin. It’s worth finding time to read.

If you do, you’ll also get classic example of a David Carr trope: the “Look at me, I’ve got an expense account and get to dine with famous people!” throwaway line.

It comes in the 12th graf today:

Mr. Sorkin acknowledged the odd couple nature of the pairing. “This is not intuitively the perfect marriage of director and material,” Mr. Sorkin said over a dinner at the Sunset Towers here.

That sort of construction pops up a lot in Mr. Carr’s work:

• Christopher Weekes, a writer-director who came all the way from Sydney to show “Bitter and Twisted,” a suburban seriocomedy that is one of the more talked-about features at the festival, said over a lunch of organic chicken and Kobe beef that New York had something all directors crave.

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Written by Alex

September 17, 2010 at 9:22 am