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2008 Presidential Campaign: Obama to start out with momentum

2008 Presidential Campaign: Barack Obama elected 44th president

2008 Presidential Campaign: McCain calls for bailout of homeowners

2008 Presidential Campaign: Biden, Palin clash on Iraq, economy

2008 Presidential Campaign: Bank crisis overshadows defense in first debate

2008 Presidential Campaign: New voting glitches raise concerns in Florida

2008 Presidential Campaign: McCain: End ‘the constant partisan rancor’

2008 Presidential Campaign: Palin fires back at media, ‘Washington elite’

2008 Presidential Campaign: Obama blasts Bush’s ‘failed presidency’

2008 Presidential Campaign: Bush invokes 9/11 as reason to elect McCain

2008 Presidential Campaign: Obama claims historic presidential nomination

2008 Presidential Campaign: Wife stresses Obama’s American values

2008 Presidential Campaign: Palin under ethics investigations in Alaska

2008 Presidential Campaign: Some Texas Republicans to vote for Obama

Unhappy couples staying together as economy makes divorcing too costly

College security tighter, but is it enough?

In tough times, layaway makes a comeback

Hard times are good times at pawnshops

Children of immigrants reshaping America

Bush signs financial bailout bill

Bailout vote stuns Washington, markets

Silver Alerts help track wandering seniors

Students learn hard lesson in school budgets

911 systems choking on non-emergency calls

Pioneering procedure will get dog back on four legs

Mechanics see ethanol damaging small engines

Foreclosures close the door on family pets

Economy hitting the elderly especially hard

Gay tourism ad causes uproar in S. Carolina

Shortage of teachers means shortage of nurses

Couples get those wedding day recession blues

Unauthorized ATM withdrawals all the rage

Squeezing gas for the very last mile

Rockets’ red glare to dim this Fourth of July

Smile! More and more, you’re on camera

Floodwaters breed hidden health dangers

Floods create economic catastrophe in Midwest

Tomato scare means business for local growers

Jampacked transit systems running on fumes

High costs land on school cafeteria trays

As gas prices soar, thieves grow more brazen

Pilots claim airliners forced to fly with low fuel

Economy takes toll on relief agencies

Shining a light on fluorescent bulbs

Bankrupt lenders throwing away your privacy

Government records incorrectly kill off thousands

As precious metals prices soar, catalytic converters are targets for thieves

Cell phone directory rings alarm bells

State of the Union: Bush challenges Congress on the economy

Rising beer prices could leave you tapped out

‘Start snitching,’ crime-hit communities urge

2008 CES: For little devices, it’s a big, big show

2008 CES: Rivals take on iPhone with both barrels

2008 CES: TV makers in long race to an uncertain finish

2008 CES: Automakers ready to cash in on technology

2008 CES: Battle brewing over eliminating all those wires

Mortgage crisis inflicts collateral damage

Damaged dogs plucked from the assembly line

Toy recalls turn charities into fun-free zones

DOT proposes no penalties for runway delays

Debate on lower drinking age bubbling up

In the shadow of justice: The Palladium murder

CIA opens book on a shady past

CIA admits Castro plot OK’d at the top

Tenet claims CIA was a scapegoat for war

The long reach and ambitions of al-Qaida

Democrats seek to seize initiative on Iraq

Virginia Tech: Worst U.S. shooting ever kills 33 on Va. campus

Virginia Tech: College gunman disturbed teachers, classmates

Virginia Tech: Gunman sent package to NBC News

Virginia Tech: Police: Gunman’s package offers little help

Spring cold snap not peachy for farmers

More doctors, insurers asking, ‘Who are you?’

In the line of fire, cops are on their own

Litvinenko assassins likely to escape justice

‘Where’s Rove? Where are these other guys?’

Though not charged, Cheney at center of trial

That was 2006: The Year of the Sneer

Election leaves Bush to bob on blue wave

Democrats turn the tables in Washington

A textbook case of failure

At the comics shop, religion goes graphic

Bay Area far from ready for the next ‘Big One’

Take that, Ben and Jerry

Nurturing a gay community in the online world

Hurricane Katrina: Multimedia reports

Hurricane Katrina: Church volunteers show staying power

Hurricane Katrina: An endangered beacon

Hurricane Katrina: The complicated politics of the poor

2006 State of the Union Multimedia Project: Behind the Speech

A consumer guide to prostitutes is a click away

Who decides what kids can — and can’t — read?

To the church, he’s public enemy No. 1

Spinning in the end zone

‘Intelligent design’ faces first big court test

When you care enough to risk everything …

Cosmetic surgery’s bright, shiny new face

Lessons learned from monkeying with history

Alternative view says homosexuals can change

In evangelical world, a liberal view steps up

Evangelicals prepare for environmental shift

You can survive being infamous

Evangelicals rethink their public face

Day of reckoning for stem cell research nears

The evolution of a fight to the end

The stirring on the mount

Time for new ground rules

When sports idols go bad

It’s Albert’s world. We just live in it.

Nutty professor or one cool dude?

The faith-at-work movement finds a home

Walking the walk, on the assembly line

Scandals! Here we go again …

In sports, God is always in the game

Lessons in perspective: 2004 in review

And God said: Let there be lite

White House claims Bush wins, but Kerry balks

Staying on the right side of a political movement

John Kerry — man in the middle

For Bush, a hunt for the right voters

God on the ballot

CIA seeks probe of White House

It’s a dog’s life — really. Take steps to protect it.

Damsels in distress: The curious case of missing white women

Guilt and innocence in uniform

Tracking campaign money, door to door

Here’s wishing you a happy Valentine’s, even though it’s a day of bad breath, heart disease and death

The old man and the screeds

Goodbye, 2003. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

‘Circumstantial’ — the Scarlet C?

Political salaries: a delicate balance

Breaking the bad news: When a service member dies

2002: A year on the edge

The cutthroat art of the deal

9/11: U.S. sought attack on al-Qaida: White House given plan days before Sept. 11

9/11: One year later: Are we safer?

9/11: Few answers for suicide terrorism

9/11: Aviation security test remains secret

9/11: Air security loophole remains open

Election 2000: Florida will decide the election

Election 2000: GOP returns, and capital yawns

Election 2000: Pomp competes with protests

And finally …

This opinion piece generated many letters to the editor of The Washington Post, some even from fellow staff members:

Snob Journalists: The Ink-Stained Wretches of Yore Are the Wretched Elites of Today June 23, 1996

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January 22, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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