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Reporting: FAA dispute costing millions more than it would save

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Did Congress really pass up more than a billion dollars in tax revenue just to save $16 million in subsidies for 13 rural airports?

The partial shutdown of operations at the Federal Aviation Administration has already cost the government far more in tax collections than what would be saved by passing the funding extension offered by House Republicans — $200 million a week and counting, potentially adding up to $1.2 billion by the time Congress can return to Washington and pass a funding bill in early September.

As with the larger deadline showdown over the debt ceiling, the reason for the standoff is more complicated than portrayed. And it may lie in Atlanta, home of Delta Air Lines, which Senate Democrats have singled out for criticism.

Full story (Alex Johnson/msnbc.com)

Right: A flight takes off past a half-completed control tower at Oakland International Airport. Construction work on the tower and on hundreds of other FAA projects has been halted. (Getty Images file)

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  1. Why is the DNC controlled Senate holding the FAA hostage until they get what they want? The House has already passed a bi-partisan deal to continue FAA operations and Senate majority leader Reid refuses to let it come to the floor for vote.

    Why are Democrats allowing the left wing radicals in their party to hurt the FAA?


    August 4, 2011 at 8:43 am

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