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David Carr sure loves to eat

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David Carr with a pork bun (Grubstreet Chicago)

David Carr has a terrific analysis of “The Social Network” in today’s New York Times, landing on a smart point about the complications that arise when a visuals-obsessed director like David Fincher shoots a script by a wordnik like Aaron Sorkin. It’s worth finding time to read.

If you do, you’ll also get classic example of a David Carr trope: the “Look at me, I’ve got an expense account and get to dine with famous people!” throwaway line.

It comes in the 12th graf today:

Mr. Sorkin acknowledged the odd couple nature of the pairing. “This is not intuitively the perfect marriage of director and material,” Mr. Sorkin said over a dinner at the Sunset Towers here.

That sort of construction pops up a lot in Mr. Carr’s work:

• Christopher Weekes, a writer-director who came all the way from Sydney to show “Bitter and Twisted,” a suburban seriocomedy that is one of the more talked-about features at the festival, said over a lunch of organic chicken and Kobe beef that New York had something all directors crave.

• “All of my work will now appear at one company, and instead of a kind of awkwardness, there is a very real synergy,” he said over a quick lunch at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan.

• “They convince people that there is something magical and special about managing the creative process,” Mr. Knee said over lunch.

• “The New Republic deserves its self-seriousness, in part because it has a long, rich history of argument and a very keen moral sense,” he said over coffee at the Cafe Edison in Midtown.

• “Why would we let go of that wonderful Western legacy?” he said over lunch with the Bagger on Saturday at Pint’s Pub, where he tucked into a quick bowl of lamb stew.

• ”There are so many decisions to be made,” he said over coffee in the West Village. ”It sort of crept up on us.”

• “I wanted to have some fun in the film, because nobody really appreciated me trying to put laughs in ‘Taxi,’ ” Mr. Gibney said over breakfast this month at the Peninsula Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

• “These are important social networks that we could not have had before,” she said over coffee in Park City last week.

What’s on the menu today?

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Written by Alex

September 17, 2010 at 9:22 am

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